The Best Serger for Beginners: 6 Worthwhile Options

best serger for beginners

Are you considering purchasing a serger sewing machine? Choosing your first one can be a confusing task. You need to choose from three, four, or five thread models. There are also a wide variety of features to consider. Some machines include color-coded threading paths, adjustable differential feeds, LCD screens, and various accessories. The Sewing Life crew…

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The Best Industrial Serger: Find Out Which Machine is Best

Best Industrial Serger

Serger machines resemble regular sewing machines but they come with more functions than those available in conventional sewing machines. Most of the features available in a serger machine exist to give a professional finish to clothing. So, a serger can bind fabrics together with overlock stitches. Three to four stitches are used to create the overlock…

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