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Sewing Needle Sizes: Learn the Different Types of Sewing Needles

sewing needle sizes

The sewing needle is one of the main components of your sewing machine. It is also one of the most changeable components. The sewing needle can be switched to many different sizes, length or thickness for varying types of stitching needs. Specialized needles are used to work with tougher material like denim and leather.  …

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How to Select the Best Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine?

Best Juki Sewing Machine Models

Walking foot industrial sewing machines are used for heavy-duty projects. The machine is ideal for projects that require managing multiple layers of large fabrics. This type of industrial machine has a special foot at the stitching area that grips the top of the fabric.   Using a walking foot industrial sewing machine ensures that the fabric moves…

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10 Sewing Tips That Will Have You Sewing Like a Pro

sew like a pro

Sewing is a skill that can help you craft amazing creations both aesthetically pleasing and of practical use. Learning how to sew may seem daunting but this skill can be perfected with practice and some guidance. We have compiled some sewing tips that can help you bring a professional sheen to your creations.   As you start learning how…

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What Is Sewing Machine Oil and How Do I Know if I Need It?

sewing machine oil is necessary for your sewing machine

Sewing machine oil is essential when it comes to the maintenance of your sewing machine. No matter how good your sewing machine is, it cannot go on running forever without proper care and frequent maintenance. Like all other mechanical devices, your sewing machine needs lubrication so that the metal parts that are in contact with each other do not wear each other out. Sewing…

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How to Use Fabric Glue: Learn When Fabric Glue is a Better Option

Different fabrics

You should learn how to use fabric glue since it can be a great alternative to sewing. There is no doubt that sewing will continue to remain the most important method of fastening two pieces of fabrics. However, under certain circumstances, using glue may be a better choice. In fact, it can also be necessary.   Nonpermanent…

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Are There Different Sewing Thread Sizes? Learn the Sewing Thread Sizes

Sewing Thread Sizes

Sewing threads are special types of yarns that especially designed for use with sewing machines. The threads are engineered to pass through the sewing machines without any resistance. These threads can form stitches without breaking or becoming distorted.   The main function of a sewing thread is to deliver performance in seams and stitches. You…

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