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How to Select the Best Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine?

Best Juki Sewing Machine Models

Walking foot industrial sewing machines are used for heavy-duty projects. The machine is ideal for projects that require managing multiple layers of large fabrics. This type of industrial machine has a special foot at the stitching area that grips the top of the fabric.   Using a walking foot industrial sewing machine ensures that the fabric moves…

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Find the Best Programmable Sewing Machine Options Available Today

Best programmable sewing machine

Sewing machines have helped us create the best clothing designs for decades. The technology used in sewing machines continues to evolve every day. Thanks to the advancement in these machines, we can now create impressive designs with little effort. We now have the best programmable sewing machine options that deliver a better performance than manual…

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Best Sewing Machine for Leather: When Heavy Duty Calls

Sewing Machine For Leather

Many people may not be aware that you can sew leather garments at home, just like regular fabrics. This is because many sewing machines do not support good quality leather stitching. However, due to increasing demand from users, manufacturers have started producing modern sewing machines that can handle leather projects with ease.   Unlike regular…

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Find the Best Monogram Sewing Machine: We Did the Research For You

best monogram sewing machine

Gone are the days when every sewing task had to be done by a standard sewing machine. Today, we have specialized machines, each catering to a particular sewing task. For example, we now have a special-purpose leather sewing machine to ensure impeccable leather stitching. A monogram sewing machine is also referred to as an embroidery…

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Finding the Best Sewing Machine Thread: 9 Options to Choose From

Best Sewing Machine Threads

Sewing threads can tightly bond things together, and this ability makes them essential items for mending clothes. Not only that, but sewing threads are also vital for large projects like stitching outdoor tents. These sewing machine thread options come in a variety of sizes, colors, and types. Each of them has specific strengths and weaknesses.…

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10 Sewing Tips That Will Have You Sewing Like a Pro

sew like a pro

Sewing is a skill that can help you craft amazing creations both aesthetically pleasing and of practical use. Learning how to sew may seem daunting but this skill can be perfected with practice and some guidance. We have compiled some sewing tips that can help you bring a professional sheen to your creations.   As you start learning how…

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The Best Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine: See our Full Review Now

brother project runway cs5055prw review

In this in-depth review of the best singer featherweight sewing machine, we will take a close look at the Singer Featherweight C240 Handy Sewing Machine. This way you can decide for yourself whether or not it truly is the best Singer featherweight sewing machine.     Silhouette of this Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine The smoothly…

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